A whole new spin on conventional thinking.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) typically originates with you. Don't think we're not grateful for the opportunity to be asked for our thinking. But we don't believe inviting 10 or 25 agencies to submit their best thinking makes much sense for agencies or clients. Particularly for mid-size or smaller companies with short time frames and modest budgets or those outside mainstream categories.

So we're turning the entire RFP concept on its ear.

The GroundSwell RFP is a Request for a Problem. From you, the prospective client. In effect, we invite you to briefly describe a real world marketing or advertising problem you face and toss it in our lap. In turn, if your problem is something we can genuinely help you with, we'll agree to take it on. We'll also ask you for a little more information before we get started so we can develop a workable solution for you.

Entirely gratis.

Short Form

Obviously, we don't plan to do this for every marketer out there with a problem. Sorry about that. And to minimize any wasted effort (yours as well as ours) we'll employ a vetting process to identify the problems, categories and clients that seem to align best with our capabilities and strengths.

So if you've got a marketing/advertising problem that's proven intractable or just plain annoying, toss it our way. We don't need a lengthy description. Briefly outline the issues and tell us a little about you and your company. Enough for us to make a quick evaluation and decide whether or not we can help—on our dime. We've provided a short form to make that relatively painless. And if you'd like us to execute the solution, we'll gladly do that, too—at whatever rate we agree upon.

Part of our success comes from re-thinking what everyone else is doing. Then doing something different. And better. Zigging instead of zagging. The GroundSwell RFP is but another example.